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14:57:26boyscoutrename symbol_for_named to required_status - 1786a62 - Roman Shatsov
14:57:26boyscoutProc#parameters adds nameless rest arg for 'star' argument - 9ee3c65 - Roman Shatsov
14:57:26boyscoutMerge pull request #1582 from roshats/regards_named_parameters_in_procs_as_optional - c3e97fa - Dirkjan Bussink
14:57:35dbussinkSpockz`: it hasn't been released yet
15:05:51Spockz`dbussink: googling for nginx + rubinius returns surprisingly few results. Is it even possible?
15:06:42dbussinkSpockz`: if you want to serve a rails app with rubinius, i'd suggest using puma:
15:07:02dbussinkyou can of course proxy nginx in front of that
15:07:11Spockz`of course
15:07:17Spockz`I'll look into it
15:12:11jeyzudbussnik: hi, have you read my github msg ?
15:16:52dbussinkjeyzu: i have, but i'm not sure it's libffi related upfront, we haven't had any issues before
15:17:09dbussinkand also not immediately seeing anything in the changelog that could be the cause of it
15:17:28dbussinkbut if you have some code, we could look to see if the problem is in there or not then
15:19:25jeyzu?? it seems that nobody really used callback as parameter either cause it was segfaulting too :
15:20:17jeyzui have a simple callback testing lib yeah, I could targ it and send it to you
15:20:40dbussinkjeyzu: well, that only happens when giving multiple callbacks right?
15:22:02dbussinkjeyzu: so single callback is working fine right?
15:23:08jeyzuon my x86_64 it wasn't before I updated ti libffi 3.0.10
15:23:28dbussinkalso not for single callbacks?
15:23:50jeyzumy mind and fingers are slow cause I have an hugry and annoyed baby on my lap ;(
15:23:52dbussinkjeyzu: did you check the changelog btw to see what could be the fix?
15:24:04dbussinkif the problem was libffi?
15:24:30dbussinkjeyzu: hehe, no problem :P
15:27:00dbussinkjeyzu: btw, the ffi specs can also really use some rework, so stuff might have slipped there too :(
15:44:43Spockz`apparently when I install rbx-head through rvm it seems I'm missing libyaml. Do you have any idea?
16:01:09jeyzudbussink: just tested it now : git clone; ./configure --skip-sytem --default-version=1.9 && rake build && run_my_ffi_test => segfault (with only one block as callback parameter)
16:18:26jeyzuwell.. I'd like to move forward, I have pending stuff like FFI.enum implementation which needs a way to explain to NativeFunction how to retreive enum value from a symbol
16:18:33jeyzuand callback as return value
16:20:04jeyzushall I add +1 to NativeFunction **callbacks to record return callback if defined or add a NativeFunction* ret_callback to FFIData ?
16:21:26dbussinkjeyzu: do you have that testscript?
16:22:18dbussinkjeyzu: best is probably to discuss with evan when he's here again, probably tomorrow during his daytime (lives in LA)
16:28:25jeyzusent to your gmail account
16:30:29dbussinkjeyzu: hmm, doesn't seem to work on os x
16:30:56jeyzu?? what doesn't the compilation ?
16:31:44dbussinklinking doesn't work, seems to use linux specific options
16:34:00jeyzureplace $(CC) -shared -Wl,-soname, -Wall cb.o -o within Makefile with the OS X usual things which are .. I'll never know ;)
16:35:07dbussinkyeah, don't really have time to dive into it much atm, have to go
16:35:09dbussinkmaybe back later
16:36:15jeyzuyou simply should update ffilib to 3.0.10, it will fix it for X86_64 linux users ;)
20:52:44Spockzrails in rubinius keeps eating memory over time