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02:17:11CIA-17* Implement simple context cache Copied the context cache scheme that Squeak uses.; 5be79de - Evan Phoenix
04:32:00djwhittslightly off topic, but this is fascinating:
04:32:28djwhittthose guys are working on an OSS desktop system based on Openstep, but with modern theming and the like
04:33:12djwhittwhat I thought was interesting though is that it looks like they're moving towards using LLVM to support Objective-C and Smalltalk
04:44:18djwhitt - bit more info
07:31:19CIA-17* Finish refactoring MethodContext->sp out; 2734e98 - Evan Phoenix
09:51:57dbussinkevan: asleep?
19:34:57dbussinkanyone awake?
19:55:49dbussinkMenTaLguY: it has been dead quiet al day :P
19:58:13MenTaLguYI'm noticing
19:58:17MenTaLguYall the Ruby channels are dead
19:58:30MenTaLguYwell, all the ones I've tried so far
20:00:58dbussinkyeah, and i'm in quite a few actually
20:53:38headiusdbussink: howdy
20:53:46headiushow's it going? I haven't been following commits lately
20:54:43headiusMenTaLguY: howdy
20:55:21dbussinkheadius: from what i've seen it's all cpp stuff
20:55:39dbussinkand that it's starting to go somewhere
20:55:58dbussinkbut i've been pretty busy, so only following from the sideline
20:56:21headiusahh, well good to hear cpp stuff is picking up some momentum
23:33:25CIA-20* Add objects.hpp into list so Integer is processed. We were missing all the Bignum primitives because the class was being skipped, as Integer wasn't ...; 0509b76 - Evan Phoenix
23:42:37headiusevan is hackin away
23:45:45evanand now i'm off to see a movie!